Best Styles for Full Figure Body Types

The full figure is becoming more common in many women these days. Some consider having this figure as a challenge while others take this figure as an asset. There are many ways to look great with a fuller figure. There are great styles and approaches that individuals can keep in mind when choosing clothes and dressing up.

Some women with full figures find it frustrating to find good styles to suit their body shape that will make them look elegant and flattering.

However, there are some rules that can help in creating a unique style and making life easier when you choose clothes and shop. These rules will help you create the right style that will give emphasis to the beauty of your body shape.

Some Fundamental Rules in Dressing for the Full Figure

  • Wear skirts and dresses below the knees 
  • Choose bold prints and patterns 
  • Go for tailored suits 
  • Choose dark colors for a slimming effect 
  • Wear same tones on bottom and top 
  • Wear draped scarves, deep necklines and long necklaces 
  • Consider vertical stripes 
  • Wear loose fitting dresses or clothes that flatter the body 

Best Style Dresses 

The best dresses that look stunning and flattering to a person with a full figure are nipped at the waist such as belted or wrapped dresses. You can also look great in maxi dresses however; these have to be snug below the bust in order to make you look slimmer. There are several styles for the full figure that may look fabulous and awesome on you but this will still depend on factors other than your body shape.

There are some details that you need to look upon when shopping for dresses that conceal problem areas like your hips, waist and stomach. These are a few: 

  • Vertical pleats on bottom elongate the lower bottom and make the legs and hips look leaner 
  • Ruchings around the waist conceals a round belly 
  • V-necks create leaner upper bodies 
  • Waist cinchs define slim torsos 

Essential Fashion Tips for the Full Figure

There are essential fashion tips that women with a full figure must know. These tips include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Wearing Light Colors 

Light colors are proven to maximize the size that things appear to be but this can be fixed by means of adding some touches that elongate the figure. Color blocking shortens your body figure so adding heels to compensate for this is a good option. 

  • Choosing the Right Length 

The length is an important factor when thinking about the best styles for a full figure. Calf length dresses look best on taller and fuller figures. The best dress for a full figured woman is the one that stops at the knee or even shorter. Shorter hemlines reveal more legs and make you look slimmer. 

Simple Rules for the Full Figured 

For women will full figures, the following rules should apply: 

  • Select outfits with monochromatic themes because these create slimming effects. 
  • Match and mix bold colors together with the darker separates. 
  • Select fabrics that drape over your curves. Clothes with excessive spandex cinch the body too tight. Instead of making a streamlined and smooth effect, you end up with unwanted bulges. 

Regardless of their type or shape of body, it is a must for individuals to dress well according to their body types. There are plenty of ways and styles to help them look their best.

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