Best Styles For Pear Body Types

best styles for pear style body shapes

Women with pear body shapes commonly have triangular body shapes. This means that their torso is narrow, their bust is small and the hips are large. A person with a pear body shape may have a smaller waist.

In order to achieve an hour glass figure, women need to successfully create a stark variance on their hips, waist and bust. The best styles for pear body shapes can also help them make the most remarkable and fashionable transformation.

By choosing the right clothes, you can become more gorgeous and attractive. Knowing the best style that will match your body shape is crucial to reveal the fashionista within you.

Select the Right Style for you

The following are some ways to accomplish balance and have the best style that will certainly captivate the interest and attention of many:

  • Bottoms 

Wear A-line skirts that smoothen out your hips and emphasize your waist. This will highlight the mid section of your body. Instead of jeans and slacks of light colors, choose bottoms that flow straight down your hips. You can also wear straight-legged pants. 

  • Dresses 

Just like bottoms, A-line dresses can also become a women’s best friend. Wear dresses with flutter or capped sleeves. A-line dresses below the knee or that fit around your knee will certainly look great. Wrap dresses are also ideal options. 

  • Accessories 

There are several fashion accessories that are specifically designed for individuals with pear body shapes. Every woman with a pear body shape must have particular undergarments like padded underwear, girdles and body shapers to enhance their thighs, butt and hips. The top portion of your body should be accessorized rather than putting on heavy belts on lower portions.

 What to Avoid

There are some great styles for pear body shapes but there are also things that need to be avoided and these are as follows: 

  • Avoid wearing pants with high waists. 
  • Stay away from bottoms that make your hips appear wider.
  • Avoid clothes with flashy prints, larger pockets near the hip area and heavy patterns.
  • Avoid flared or tapered pants. 
  • Avoid long jackets because they will just make the bottom portion look bigger. 
  • Stay away from extremely loose or tight tops and shirts. Button down or fitted tops are great alternatives. Choose bright and bold colors for the tops and simplify the lower half

Guide to Shopping for the Best Dresses for a Pear Body Shape

If you have the desire to end up with the best style for a pear body shape, you can consider the following guidelines when shopping: 

  • Wearing a strapless dress can be an ideal option for women with pear body shapes. Shop for this dress if you want your shoulders to look broader. This dress also helps to balance childbearing hips. 
  • A-line dresses with defined waist play an essential role in accentuating the waist. There are benefits to selecting flared skirts. Little or too much flare can cause a problem, so shop for dresses with enough flare to graze the hips. 
  • Purchase a dress that perfectly fits your hips despite the fit on top. The lower portion of the body can be hard to fit, so purchase a dress that fits your butt and hips. You can take the dress to a tailor and have the upper portion or half fitted perfectly for you. This move will surely make the dress amazing and look expensive. 

Your pear body shape should not really be a problem when dressing up. There are some great styles for pear body shapes that can help you look stunning. With these styles, you can now flaunt what you have with confidence and pride. Your pear body shape can be your best asset, so dress in style at all times and become a fabulous fashionista!

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