About Us

Danny Girl Dresses is dedicated to enhancing the beauty of women by developing their fashion style. We specialize in unique dresses and items that will help one express who they are. We believe every woman is a unique depiction of art, and clothing is only a means to enhance the beauty each one already possesses. Since its existence, Danny Girl Dresses has helped to provide quality clothing that not only improves the attire of many but also inspires women to love who they are.
Danny Girl Dresses is also actively involved in causes that better humanity. It works closely with the FOFMI Humanity project, an outreach that extends help to families and individuals nationally and internationally. Humanity Project has been instrumental in feeding families and children, providing a great resource guide called Humanity Magazine (a directory that is packed with helpful informational resources, stories that inspire, tips, and listings of places individuals in need can get help within their community), and so much more.
Danny Girl Dresses has been actively involved with the FOFMI Humanity Project since 2015. Through the Fashioned for A Cause Benefit shows, the DGD team helps to bring attention to FOFMI Humanity Project’s efforts and has inspired those who may seem lost by giving away clothing and gift cards to those in need. DGD also helps by volunteering with FOFMI Humanity Project’s food drives and continues to support this outreach in any way that we can to promote unity and strive to better humanity. To see more about this fantastic project, go to www.HumanityProject.net and www.HumanityMag.org.
 "Every woman is a walking breathing work of art; some understand their worth, while others may not. It is my goal to show them how to showcase it...." Danny Dey'