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Fashioned For A Cause events are annual gatherings that aim to empower women ages 18-35 to use their talents, such as modeling, to encourage the advancement of good. Through these exciting events, we can also bring awareness to social and non-profit organizations that make a difference in their community, city, state, and country. 

Fashioned For A Cause benefits shows often highlight the efforts of the FOFMI Humanity Project, which is an amazing organization that brings awareness to issues that affect individuals in various communities. This project helps feed families through food giveaways and offers informative resource directories (called Humanity Magazine) to help veterans, single mothers, college students, and teens get further help beyond that. Humanity Magazine is an AMC  publication designed to bring awareness to the issue of homelessness and ways to overcome it. FFAC helps recruit spokesmodels and writers for Humanity Magazine, providing more opportunities for FFAC models.

We rely on our partners to continue our mission of motivating young adults to find their destinies by utilizing their talents. Click here for information on how to connect with FFAC events.



"I love the way fashion can help one realize their value and really make a difference in people's lives." - Danny Dey'